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How does the Rohner Concept work?

The history of mankind is marked by cycles of feast or famine. During times of abundance (summer/fall), we had to create reserves that would help us get through times of scarcity (winter) later on.

From this perspective, the type 2 diabetes metabolic state was actually a favorable result of natural selection that helped ensure survival.

Through glucose tolerance tests and other measurements, we are able to determine this metabolic state.

Our primary goal here is not to measure the rise in blood sugar values (i.e. the glycemic index) but rather the subsequent relative hypoglycemia as a sign of hyperinsulinism, which leads to increased reserve accumulation.

Because we cannot change this genetic predisposition, people with weight problems must strictly limit their intake of simple carbohydrates like starches and disaccharides and consume only complex carbohydrates.

The specific dynamic effect of proteins triggers the burning and thus the reduction of fat deposits. For this reason, proteins are one of the focal points of the Rohner Concept eating plan.

There has been so much talk over the years about dietary fats being the general cause of a great deal of our weight problems that many people forget that fats are also one of the building blocks of our organism, just like proteins.


Fats are metabolically neutral.

They don’t trigger reserve accumulation like carbs, nor do they trigger fat-burning like proteins.

For this reason, we focus on consuming healthy essential fatty acids and avoiding trans fats, some of which can’t be broken down.

Based on this knowledge, we can assign various foods to different risk groups for individuals based on their biochemical structure.

Statistics show that under our dietary recommendations, various metabolic parameters such as cholesterol and uric acid are significantly improved.

Interesting in becoming a participating doctor?

Currently, customers can choose from around 30 participating doctors. Would you like to expand our network and show your patients how to reach their goal weight? We provide training to doctors with the following qualifications:

  • Practicing physician (in or outside of Switzerland)
  • Well-equipped laboratory
  • Successful practice in general medicine, internal medicine, gynecology, orthopedics, rehabilitation medicine, aesthetic medicine and alternative medicine

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