General Terms and Conditions of Rohner-Konzept AG

Content of the contract and contractual partner

The customer concludes this contract with the partner selected by him (exclusively specialists trained and selected by Rohner-Konzept AG in health professions in the broader sense).

Rohner-Konzept AG provides the partners with the know-how for the metabolic analysis, provides training and other services and collects the fees for the partners.

The contract is concluded by complete and truthful completion of the registration form and payment of the ticket, unless the partner rejects the treatment within 5 days after presentation of the tick. In case of rejection, the entire paid ticket amount will be refunded to the customer.

No contract is concluded between Rohner-Konzept AG and the customer, accordingly Rohner-Konzept AG is not liable to the customer in any form.

The services and the costs for the treatment result from the registration form.


Professional secrecy

Insofar as the partners are subject to professional secrecy (medical secrecy), this is maintained in all cases. In the case of persons subject to professional secrecy, Rohner-Konzept AG only obtains knowledge of this contract through the mediation, but does not receive any information from the partner about the state of health or the success of the treatment.



As far as the partners are not physicians, the partners send the blood samples taken by the customer himself within the scope of their activity to selected laboratories, which send the analyses to Rohner-Konzept AG. The customer agrees that the laboratories send the analyzed data to Rohner-Konzept AG as well as to the partner.

Rohner-Konzept AG stores and processes the data for the processing of the contract and for its own marketing activities. Furthermore, Rohner-Konzept AG uses cookies when visiting its website and is authorized to use analysis tools.

Rohner-Konzept AG transmits data solely to the partner selected by the customer, but does not otherwise disclose any data to third parties.


Choice of law

Swiss national law shall apply (to the exclusion of international private law).

«This general terms are a machine translation from German.»