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What is the Rohner Concept?

The Rohner Concept was created by Swiss physician Dr. Wolfgang Rohner more than 30 years ago and has been continuously improved. It is a nutrition concept, not a diet. By using medical analysis, we determine what specific metabolic group you belong to. You will then receive a personalized dietary plan that will help you reduce existing fat deposits and prevent new ones from forming.

The Rohner Concept lets you lose weight in the right places – without going hungry, counting calories, exercising or taking supplements. Your dietary plan is designed to help you target those problem areas.

The Rohner Concept has helped over 40,000 customers lose weight successfully over the last three decades. A wide-ranging customer survey showed that around 82% of users were able to maintain their goal weight (+/- 3 kg) even years later, with virtually no yo-yo effect.

How does the Rohner Concept work?

By analyzing your medical history and metabolic profile, you can learn

  • how well your body can process certain foods,

  • what your capacity is for building energy reserves,

  • how well you can mobilize those accumulated reserves.

Based on this analysis, you’ll learn what specific metabolic type you belong to. We divide foods into specific risk groups for your body based on comprehensive chemical analysis and many years of experience.

Who is the Rohner Concept for?

The Rohner Concept is ideal for both overweight people as well as those who are trying to achieve their ideal physique. Overweight people usually have a long history of dieting. The key here is to avoid the notorious yo-yo effect. Normal-weight customers are usually pursuing one or more of the following goals:

  • Correcting problems with their physique (saddlebags, beer belly, etc.)

  • Achieving the perfect physique without having to work hard for it

  • Preventing possible body flaws caused by genetics

  • Model type: Achieving the perfect body with little effort and without

What are the benefits of the
Rohner Concept?

The benefits of the Rohner Concept are: no feelings of hunger, no calorie counting, weight loss in target areas, no mood swings, increased energy and feeling good overall.

In a customer survey, users also indicated a reduction in sleep disorders, heartburn, flatulence, joint pain and migraines.

Are there any disadvantages? Giving up certain foods is not for everybody. However, for most people, it only takes a few weeks to get used to the change.

How much does the Rohner Concept cost?

The program costs CHF 1 290, which includes:

  • Three to four consultations over a period of six to twelve months with a participating Rohner Concept doctor

  • All blood tests

  • A year-long subscription to the Members Area of the Rohner Concept website (new recipes, food glossary, personal online advice, etc.)

How do I sign up?

Click Register to choose a participating Rohner Concept doctor in your area. Once your payment is received, you’ll receive an online ticket. Schedule an appointment with your selected doctor and show your ticket upon arrival at the doctor’s office.


Send us an email or call us at +41 43 366 01 71. We would be happy to tell you more about the successful history of the Rohner Concept and answer any questions you may have.

We have also created a Fact Sheet containing answers to many common questions.
We hope it will help make your dietary transition even easier – good luck!

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