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The minds behind the
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Over 40 000 satisfied customers have already tried the Rohner Concept with excellent results. Together they’ve shed thousands of pounds through healthy eating under the Rohner Concept.

We are proud of these success stories and are there for you every step of the way.

Rohner-Konzept AG
Stuckweg 1, 8305 Dietlikon
+41 43 366 01 71

Dominique Schachtler – Delegierter des Verwaltungsrats
Dominique Schachtler

Chair and Delegate of the Board

Dr. med. Tomas Huluk

Member of the Board

Eveline Müller

Consultation and Administration

Dr. med. Udo Martin – Partnerarzt des Rohner-Konzept
Dr. med. Udo Martin

Member of the Board

Dr. med. Charles Racine

Member of the Board