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The Rohner Concept lets you reach – and maintain – your goal weight easily.
The Rohner Concept is a medically proven nutrition method for people who want to lose weight in a healthy manner. By analyzing your individual metabolic type, you can find out what types of food are right for you.

You can eat until you’re full and still lose weight. Achieve and maintain your ideal physique – with positive effects for your entire body. The Rohner Concept is a holistic approach to nutrition, not a diet. There are 11 different metabolic types. This explains why certain eating habits or diet plans might work for your friend but not for you.

Register online for the Rohner Concept and schedule an appointment with one of our participating doctors who will help you get on your way to achieving your ideal body.

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The Rohner Concept:
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What are the benefits
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What is the
Rohner Concept?

Who is the Rohner
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How does the
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Benefits at a glance

  • Doctor-monitored weight loss and regular checks
  • The Rohner Concept lets you lose the weight you want in the right places.
  • Reach your personal goal weight without going hungry, counting calories, taking supplements or even exercising
  • Learn your own metabolic type
  • Dietary plan tailored to your individual needs
  • No yo-yo effect
  • Year-long subscription to the Members Area of the Rohner Concept website (new recipes, food glossary, personal online advice, etc.)
  • Decades of proven results

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