«I’ve gone down three dress sizes!»

1. Mrs Boser, why did you want to lose weight?

"I have tried to lose weight time and again for years but unfortunately without any lasting success. I really tried everything, including therapeutic fasting, calorie counting and various formula diets. When I ate 'normally' again, the notorious yoyo effect soon set in and I put the weight I had lost - and a bit more - back on again.

Of course I have also tried to get rid of my surplus pounds through so-called 'healthy nutrition'; I ate Bircher muesli with bananas, wholegrain products, rice and plenty of fruit and vegetables. Looking back I must say this nutrition regime was a huge mistake. I would never have thought that muesli for breakfast would simply be the wrong thing for my body.

My sense of feeling unwell became increasingly worse: I felt bloated, felt that certain foods were not doing me any good without quite knowing which and I didn't feel fit. I was looking for a solution which would support my physical health in the long-term and allow me to feel fit and well."

2. Since when have you had problems with your weight?

"I was never 'fat', but during puberty, and as an adult too, I never matched the accepted ideal image. After starting work I put on weight constantly. As I worked at Radio 24, that wasn't such a tragedy. When I started work as a presenter at TeleZüri I wasn't so happy with how I appeared on the screen - particularly as the camera makes people appear around 10kg fatter!"

3. Why did you decide on the Rohner Concept?

"In my immediate circle many people had lost a lot of weight thanks to the Rohner Concept and were also able to keep to the new weight. It also occurred to me that these people were participating quite normally in social life and did not have to live in a restricted way due to this nutrition programme. This persuaded me to apply to Dr. Wolfgang Rohner too."

4. How did you feel when you were losing weight?

"I was convinced by the fact that individual genetic make-up provided the basis and a personal food list was defined. It is important for me to have a plan which I can stick to - a clearly defined list; red yellow green! I enjoy eating much more today because I know what I can eat with a clear conscience and without restriction. Excellent bread rolls, pizzas and even cakes can be baked with the Rohner Concept special bran. Even my guests really enjoy these special baked goods!

Basically I no longer have the urge to eat food from my 'red list'. For example, if I am offered a pasta dish when I'm invited out it doesn't taste as good to me as it used to before. Furthermore, I notice that I am eating more in quantity than previously (i.e. before I started the Rohner Concept), but this is of the foods which do me good."

5. How do you feel today?

"I feel very healthy and both physically and mentally fit. The desire to exercise is a new and unaccustomed experience for me, and regular sport now plays an important part in my life. For example, I couldn't jog before; I was simply too heavy. Today I jog at least twice a week. With additional training on my Power-Plate I can build up my muscles and tone up my whole body."

6. How did your friends and family react?

"My friends and family reacted with lots of compliments on my new appearance. Many asked me for my recipe for success. I inspired many of them to try the Rohner Concept!"

Patricia Boser
Moderatorin, Journalistin und Mutter
Alter: 41
Grösse: 1.70m
Abnahme: 3 Kleidergrössen (von 42 auf 36)
Beginn Rohner-Konzept: Seit Januar 2008 sehr konsequent!