“I’m looking forward again to going to the swimming pool next summer!”

Mr. Cahenzli, why did you want to lose weight?

“As a trained carpenter I used to be physically active the entire day. Following a health problem with my heart, I was forced to avoid heavy physical exertions. I undertook further training as an interior designer and today I work primarily in the office. I didn't adapt my eating habits to this new situation…so I got heavier and heavier over the course of several months. I didn't feel well with the extra kilos and I was ashamed when I went to the swimming pool.”

Why did you opt for the Rohner Concept?

“I had already made a couple of attempts with FdH (Friss die Hälfte["Eat just half"]. The results however were always very short-term. After a couple of weeks I would be back to my earlier weight, which was extremely frustrating. During my training as an interior designer, there was a woman in the class who was visibly getting slimmer and slimmer. At the beginning she was really quite overweight, six months later she was suddenly thin. I wondered why she always ate omlettes in the restaurant but never indulged in a croissant with her morning coffee…She told me about the Rohner Concept and I finally I registered too.”

How did you fare with the weight loss process?

“When I brought my list home, my wife was shocked. She couldn't imagine it was possible to cook a decent meal with the foods that were allowed. The cookbook gave her lots of ideas however and over time she became a veritable "Rohner expert"! Physically I felt much better already after a short period of time. It's quite amazing how fit I am today - only as the result of a change in nutrition.”

How do yout eat today?

“Whenever possible I don't eat any bread or pasta. In the meantime I have come to find Rohner meals really quite tasty. Every so often, I eat something sweet - but then I really enjoy it consciously. I don't think anymore in terms of having to give anything up. As soon as the needle on the scale begins to move upward, I include a few "green" Rohner days and the weight is right again. By the way, my cholesterol levels are better than they have ever been, which is very important for my heart problem.”

How have the people around you reacted?

“Many people I know were very critical. They found it very strange that one could lose weight, for example with Landjaeger sausage. Many are waiting to see if I can really maintain my new weight. I think I will have no problem doing that with the Rohner Concept. I want to look good again at the swimming pool next summer!”

Stefan Cahenzli
Age: 37
Starting weight: 103 kilos (BMI 30)
Weight today: 85 kilos (BMI 25), achieved in December 04
Height: 1.84m
Start Rohner Concept: August 2004