“You can go without pasta”

Mr. Lombardini, why did you want to lose weight?

“With my weight at almost 140 kilos, I simply didn't feel well anymore - for example, buying clothes was pure horror!”

Since when did you have weight problems?

“Already as a child I had problems with my weight. I did my first major crash diet when I was 16 years old - I lost 30 kilos in a few months. At that time of course I used the well tried method of calorie counting and going hungry. The yoyo effect was automatic…During my studies in St. Gallen I was always trying to lose weight. Cabbage soup was the big hit at the time! I could reduce by up to 18 kilos in a few days. Anybody who has eaten this soup knows that after awhile you just can't stand it anymore! Of course I also tried various diets involving low fat intake, lots of sport, medicines etc. The problem was that following these diets I always fell back into my old eating habits. I had no "recipe" for lasting success.”

Why did you opt for the Rohner Concept in the end?

“Somebody I knew had lost a lot of weight using the Rohner Concept. He kept telling me about it in order to motivate me to do it with him. It took awhile before he finally managed to inspire me to give it a try. What decided me in the end was an invitation to a ‘Rohner’ dinner. I saw that many different kinds of very delicious foods were allowed. That encouraged me and I registered with Dr. Bachmann in Bad Ragaz.”

How did you fare with the weight loss process?

“The Rohner Concept worked incredibly fast for me. After a few days I had already lost several pounds, which is of course enormously motivating. I would have never thought that I could give up pasta so easily - I used to be an inveterate spaghetti eater…I often go to Italy and have no problem eating according to the Rohner Concept while I am there.”

How do you feel today?

“I like myself much better in the mirror these days and also feel much more confident. I also finally found the courage to propose to my secret love - with success! We are going to be married soon! Maybe she would have accepted me with 40 kilos more, but at the time I was really ashamed of being so overweight.”

How did the people around you react?

“Many old acquaintances don't recognize me on the street anymore. And many also can't believe that I didn't have to suffer a single day of hunger to lose so much weight. Today I don't eat so strictly any more according to my green list. But one thing is crystal clear: as soon as I reach my magic borderline on the scale, I go back to applying a no-nonsense "Rohnerized" approach. I am happy to have finally found the key to long-term success.”

Arno Lombardini
Age: 33
Starting weight: 138.5 kilos (BMI 41)
Weight today: 93 kilos (BMI 28), achieved in December 04
Height: 1.83m
Start Rohner Concept: June 2004