“I lost 40 kilos already several years ago and am able to maintain my weight”

Ms. Rückert, since when did you have weight problems?

“I grew up in a bakery, and I was always either drawing cream cakes or eating them ... the second grade I was already overweight. But I felt comfortable with it, I even took up ballet. Over time however the pressure from outside increased, I was often picked on and teased in school – children can be so nasty! In secondary school I weighed 100 kilos. That's when I tried my first real diet – there was nothing but ready-made soups. I managed to slim down to around 85 kilos. ”

Were you able to maintain your new weight?

“My weight leveled off at between 80 and 85 kilos. I trained to be a hairdresser, a profession that demands very high standards with regard to one's own appearance. I made a new attempt at dieting with a 1000-calorie diet and then with whey drinks. My thoughts turned constantly around the subject of food. For an entire week from Monday to Saturday I only drank liquids and at the same time took laxitives. It was almost pathological. ”

Why did you opt for the Rhoner Concept?

“I got the tip from a friend. In 1994 I had my first appointment with Dr. Rohner, my weight was around 85 kilos. It seemed very plausible to me that the metabolism was connected with the blood. I was really happy finally to have found a promising method. In the first month I already lost 6 kilos. Afterwards I went with my boyfriend (now my husband) for three months to the USA. We drove across the country in a camper, and on the way I lost another 11 kilos. It was really fantastic: we grilled ourselves giant steaks and had scrambled eggs for breakfast.”

Were you able to maintain your new weight?

“I got pregnant and didn't dare to keep eating according to the Rohner concept. At that time, even Dr. Rohner didn't know yet that this kind of nutrition is absolutely safe for the nascent child. Three months after giving birth, I was pregnant with our second daughter. In the end, after the second pregnancy, I again weighed over 100 kilos. On January 1, 1999, I took the decision to again eat strictly according to my "green" list. Within 18 months, I had lost 40 kilos. In addition to changing my diet I began to do gymnastics – in front of the television with exercise videos.”

How do you feel today?

“I feel great. I'm very comfortable with my 63 kilos. In order to keep my weight, I eat from Monday to Friday exclusively according to my "green list", and on the weekends I eat everything. And that can sometimes be a lasagne or a cheese fondue! For me eating is very important, I could never follow a diet again that made restrictions on a quantitative basis. With the Rohner Concept you can really eat a lot and eat deliciously!”

How does your family eat?

“I'm the only one in the family with a genetic propensity toward gaining weight. As a result, my husband and children eat completely normally. Of course I also take care to ensure that the two girls don't eat sweets every day. We also don't eat pasta every day in our household.”

Do you have any tips for people just starting out with the Rohner Concept?

“Always eat enough from the very beginning. Since there is no restriction on the amount, you can really eat several johurts or eggs for breakfast. It is also important not to deceive yourself with the motto "a little piece of cake couldn't be all that bad". Even with the smallest "sin" from the red list category, the entire day can go down the drain! The effort is really worth it - you too will make it!”

Yvonne Rückert
Hairdresser and mommy
Age: 32
Starting weight: 106 kilos (BMI 37)
Weight today: 63 kilos (BMI 22), since summer 2000
Height: 1.70m
Start Rohner Concept: Winter 1994 / January 1999