“The Rhoner Concept isn’t a diet – it’s a philosophy of life!”

Ms. Walthard, why did you want to lose weight?

“As I grew older, it became increasingly difficult for me to maintain my figure. No matter what I did, I grew visibly fatter and fatter, though I practice a lot of sport. As the owner of Les Boutiques Clementine, having a good figure is very important to me. I would like to be able to wear the clothes I sell myself…”

How long have you been eating according to the Rohner Concept?

“This month it will be exactly five years. When I received my list, I was a bit unhappy of course - my precious spaghetti was in the "red" zone… From the beginning however it was clear to me that I would stick to my list because I wanted to succeed as soon as possible. I was impressed how quickly the desire for pasta, bread and sweet treats disappeared, I wouldn't have thought that possible. Since I really like to cook, I got better and better after awhile at dealing with my list - experimenting with new products and creative combinations.”

How does your family eat?

“My husband, my daughter (a figure skater), my son-in-law - everyone, except my son, eats according to the Rohner Concept. All of them went to Dr. Rohner and had their personal list drawn up. It's really amazing, how we have all lost weight! We're a family who likes to eat well and to eat a lot. The Rohner Concept really suited us, because the quantity isn't restricted. On my list, wine is allowed, which of course is fantastic! Because with a good meal goes a good wine. My husband I eat according to the Rohner Concept even when we are on vacation - even after a two-week cruise we hadn't put on a gram!”

How did the people around you react?

“In my shop people often commented about my new figure and inquired about my ‘secret recipe’. Several dozen clients also went to Dr. Rohner and are thoroughly satisfied with their experience. My son-in-law, who works in a bank is also often asked about it too.”

How do you feel today?

“I feel very vital and healthy. I've only lost a few kilos, but exactly in the right places. I went from a dress size of 42 to a size 38 today, which is a major success for me! For the last five years I've had my family doctor test my cholesterol and liver values every three months - they were and continue to be at ideal levels. I jog almost every day and periodically do strength training.”

Do you have any tips for people just starting out with the Rohner Concept?

“The Rohner Concept isn't just one more diet among many others, it's a philosophy of life! Stick strictly to your list from the very first day, and before you know it you will need new - i.e. smaller - clothes! As a contribution to helping you renew your wardrobe, I offer all Rohner Concept customers a special rate in my eleven boutiques (www.clementine.ch) (see Special offers in the Member area. We carry sizes 36 to 46. I look forward to your visit!”

Yvonne Walthard
Owner and business manager, Les Boutiques Clementine
Age: 55
Starting weight: 68.5 kilos (BMI 24)
Weight today: 64 kilos (BMI 22))
Height: 1.70m
Start Rohner Concept: November 1999