“With the goal before my eyes, I can achieve anything if I want to!”

Ms. Moser, why did you want to lose weight?

“I never accepted being overweight. I always wanted to be slim and I tried everything. With a "fighting weight" of around 155 kilos, climbing stairs became a real ordeal, and I had problems standing up for any length of time - my right heel was unbelievably painful. Running errands at the shopping center was like running a veritable gauntlet of obstacles. One experience particularly hurt my feelings: an old man saw me on the escalator and made fun of me loudly - I felt like sinking into the ground.”

Since when did you have weight problems?

“I was already chubby as a child. When I was 18 years old, by starving myself rigorously I finally managed to achieve my dream figure (dress size 38). Naturally I couldn't maintain this success for very long - the yoyo effect left me fatter and fatter after every diet. When I was 30 years old, I made a new attempt with food combining and managed to take off about 30 kilos. But grief over the death of my beloved mother, and the almost simultaneous loss of my cat, led me to lose control over my eating habits once again. It was exasperating. In the end, I really didn't know what I should eat any more - everything just made me fatter.”

Why did you opt for the Rohner Concept?

“For me it was very important to know that somebody could finally help me. I felt very much alone in facing my problem. The only thing left for me was either the Rohner Concept or gastric banding. The major medical intervention involved in gastric banding frightened me, however - a mortality rate of around 10% is pretty scary! Somebody I know actually died from the operation. Dr. Rohner reassured me from the start that I would be successful! Today I'm very happy that I decided to try this concept. I have finally found a method through which I can achieve long-term success without starving myself. I had to laugh, when at one of my checkups Dr. Rohner told me I was eating too little! For years I had been obliged to hear that I was eating too much.”

How did you fare with the weight loss process?

“The more weight I lose, the more energetic I become. I have much more pep than I used to. Healthwise, I'm already in much better condition today: I no longer suffer from adult onset diabetes, my intestinal disorders have disappeared and my heel has finally stopped hurting. Climbing the stairs is also much easier. I have now already lost 53 kilos - that's more than five 10-kilo sacks of kitty litter! Unimaginable that I used to lug that around with me all day - with every step.”

How do you feel today?

“I already feel quite good. I still have another 42 kilos in front of me that I want to get rid of. As soon as I weigh less than 100 kilos, I'm going to sign up for a belly dancing course - I'm already looking forward to it. I never threw away the clothes I had before. I already fit into a size 44. My goal is size 38 again, and I'll reach it too. I'm looking forward to being interviewed and photographed by you again!”

How have the people around you reacted?

“Many people talk to me about my weight loss experience. Many think that I must have undergone gastric banding. When I tell them that it is exclusively the result of a change in nutrition, they are all quite amazed. I have already recommended the Rohner Concept to numerous overweight persons. Many have registered and also bought the cookbook. I exchange Rohner-suitable recipes with a colleague at work and we motivate each other to continue progressing. In this connection I would also like to thank my father, my long standing friends Sunya and Bobo and my friend Mary - these people have always stood behind me. Very special thanks of course go to Dr. Rohner himself. Thanks to him I can look at myself in the mirror today, and my life is worth living again. The Rohner Concept purified me personally - my body, my mind and especially my soul. I have the goal before my eyes, and I will reach it!”

Ursula Moser
Export clerk in a machine factory
Age: 41
Starting weight: 155 kilos (BMI 56)
Weight today: 102 kilos (BMI 37), goal: 60 kilos (BMI 22)
Height: 1.66m
Start Rohner Concept: August 2003