“Though I’m quite a bit of a sportsman, I always had weight problems”

Mr. Haas, why did you want to lose weight?

“I always wanted to be slimmer than I was. Many things are easier when you are thin. Acceptance in our society is simply much higher - it's a shame, but that's a fact now.”

Since when did you have weight problems?

“Already as a child I was too fat. Although I often practice sports (football, cycling, tennis, etc. several times per week), I always had trouble with my weight. I've tried pretty much every diet that exists: protein drinks, the pineapple diet, low-fat diets, Xenical, etc. Sure, I always had a measure of success in the short term, but it didn't take long for the yoyo effect to kick in, and so I grew increasingly heavy. It was really very frustrating.”

Why did you opt for the Rohner Concept?

“A colleague at work had lost a great deal of weight using the Rohner Concept, and that convinced me. With the Rohner Concept, for the first time in my dieting career I can eat as much as I want and don't have to count any calories. During previous attempts at dieting, my thoughts circled around food the entire day, and at some point it got to be too much, and the ravenous hunger for something ‘forbidden’ would end up wrecking the diet again, I find the Concept easy to handle. The cookbook gave me lots of ideas, and as an experienced cook I had a lot of fun developing new recipes myself.”

How did you fare with the weight loss process?

“It was simply fantastic! I feel very good in my body. After a few days I didn't have desire for pasta and bread any more. The changeover in diet really went off without any problems. When I cycle, of course, I am particularly aware that I'm hauling less weight around with me.”

How do you feel today?

“I feel very good. It's really amazing how much of a difference weight loss can make for your quality of living. Last summer I went camping with my two boys at the Gardasee. For the first time I felt really good in my swimming trunks - previously I used to take the largest bath towel I could find and as soon as I was out of the water I put on a t-shirt. Those days are definitely over! I approach people much more openly now and notice that I have gained a lot in terms of quality of life through my new-won self-confidence.”

How did the people around you react?

“Many people hardly recognize me. I think it's great that with the Rohner Concept you don't get the cavernous face that I experienced with other diets. Many people I know, including my mother, have registered with Dr. Rohner or with one of his partner doctors.”

Peter Haas
Sales force
Age: 49
Starting weight: 127 kilos (BMI 38)
Weight today: 93 kilos (BMI 28), goal: 90 kilos (BMI 27)
Height: 1.83m
Start Rohner Concept: January 2004