“Never fat again!”

Ms. Gilli, why did you want to lose weight?

“I really didn't like the way I looked anymore with my maximum weight of 96 kilos. Clothes shopping is really not much of a pleasure when your dress size is 46: the selection of stylish clothing is very small - and expensive! I still wasn't suffering from any health problems, but I was quite aware that with my excess weight, sooner or later I would have to struggle with diseases. Thus for me, losing weight was also a prophylactic measure.”

Since when did you have weight problems?

“Already as a child I was always too heavy. My grandmother would diligently slip me some sweets. About 15 years ago, I starved myself down to about 72 kilos, but I was only able to maintain this weight for less than two years. Unfortunately I was then diagnosed with breast cancer. After an operation and repeated radiation treatments, my weight gradually climbed back up. I often traveled abroad for professional purposes, and in business lunches or while waiting in airports, I generally ate the wrong things: too many sandwiches, too much pasta, and definitely to many sweets!”

Why did you opt for the Rohner Concept?

“A colleague motivated me to do it. I also liked the idea that I would receive a simple plan: no weighing foods and no calorie counting. It was also very important for me that I could continue to eat in restaurants when I was away.”

How did you fare with the weight loss process?

“My desire to lose weight was really very great. I really wanted to succeed this time. Due to the quick success I experienced, it became simpler and simpler for me. It is also incredible how quickly the desire for bread and sweet things disappears. Doing without fruit juices caused me a bit of effort however. Even during my vacations I kept strictly to the Rohner Concept diet; in the hotel I simply handed them a copy of my list, and that worked like a charm! In order to lose additional pounds, I went to the fitness studio twice a week. I think that this sport program also contributed greatly to the fact that my skin is now taut and firm.”

How do you feel today?

“I feel like I've been reborn! My wardrobe is new from A to Z…Although I long ago reached my ideal weight, I still eat according to the Rohner Concept. It wouldn't even enter my mind to slip back into the old eating habits, because one thing is crystal clear to me: I'll never get fat again!”

How did the people around you react?

“With applause and astonishment. It is really fantastic to feel good in your skin!”

Hilda Gilli
Technical adviser, medical engineering
Age: 51
Starting weight: 96 kilos (BMI 30)
Weight today: 70 kilos (BMI 22), since November 03
Height: 1.80m
Start Rohner Concept: June 2003