“The right way to long-lasting success!”

Mr. Signer, why did you want to lose weight?

“Actually, I felt quite all right, but I had always wanted to lose weight. On one hand for aesthetic reasons, on the other hand with a view to my health. There are several people in my family who suffer from old-age diabetes. With healthy weight loss I can certainly contribute to protecting myself as much as possible from this disease.”

Since when did you have weight problems?

“As a child I was always the tall, thin kid, the beanpole! During a long stay in England at age 24, my weight gradually increased. Less frequent sport and incorrect nutrition left me heavier and heavier. I tried numerous methods to reduce my kilos. I had success with many diets, but it didn't take long for the yoyo effect to appear. I lost 10 kilos at a time with monitored fasting cures, but I could never maintain the new weight.”

Why did you opt for the Rohner Comcept?

“The Rohner Concept was recommended to me by a colleague. At first I didn't have much confidence in the thing, because it sounded a lot like Atkins and I already had that diet behind me. After all of my attempts at dieting, I was very skeptical. My family doctor however supported and encouraged me in my effort. The idea of a long-term nutritional conversion convinced me, I had actually been looking for something like that for a long time.”

How did you fare with the weight loss process?

“After the examination, I felt there was a load off my mind - wine is in the green zone! Thank God, I can still devote myself to my major hobby! Seriously, if wine had been forbidden for me, I don't know how long I could have stuck to my list. As a complement to the examinations by Dr. Rohner, I had my family doctor test the most important blood levels. Both my cholesterol level and my liver count have improved, although I don't exactly live a life of abstinence! It's going quite well with the food - I gave a copy of my list to the restaurant next to my office, and ever since then they've been spoiling me with Rohner-compatible meals.”

How do you feel today?

“I feel great. I'm already much fitter in my bicycle riding. I still have a few kilos ahead of me, which I will manage to lose. Because with the Rohner Konzept now I really have the key to long-term success in my hand!”

How have the people around you reacted?

“I'm very often asked about my secret recipe. When I explain the Rohner Concept and say that on my list even wine is allowed, many people are amazed. Some of my friends have already found their way to Dr. Rohner. Others say it would be impossible for them to give up bread and spaghetti. But that's just an idea they have, especially since once you've reached your target weight, exceptions are also allowed .”

Ueli Signer
Institute director
Age: 61
Starting weight: 112 kilos (BMI 32)
Weight today: 96 kilos (BMI 28), goal: 60 kilos (BMI 22)
Height: 1.86m
Start Rohner Concept: February 2004