Flavourings and colourings

Order at: www.aromen.ch

Dear Customers

For the Rohner Concept, unfortunately, only a few kinds of fruit yoghurt and fruit quark are suitable (see list under food lexicon in the Member area). In order to achieve greater variety in your menu planning, I recommend that you use artificial flavourings. At www.aromen.ch you will find an enormous assortment of flavours available (e.g. coconut, Läckerli, passion fruit, etc.), all of which are suitable for the Rohner Concept program. Since – as is commonly known – the eye also feasts, you should likewise order the food colourings that go with these various aromas. All of the flavourings can also be used for pastries and coffee specialties – (almost) no limits are placed on your creativity!

Have a great time trying them out!

Dr. Wolfgang Rohner MD.