Rohner PLUS Concept

This package is right for you if you want to lose weight healthily and also give your body optimum support. With this package you can optimise the health benefits of metabolism adjustment.

The PLUS package includes additional biological medicine services with the following aims:

  • Optimisation of the acid-base balance
  • Prevention of degenerative diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis, gout, tumour diseases, cancer
  • General detoxification
  • Improvement in important metabolism and organ functions

All services included in the Rohner PLUS concept:

  • Three to four consultations over a period of approx. six months
  • All blood tests (metabolism analysis)
  • An annual subscription to the member area of the Rohner Concept website
  • 2x measurements of the acid-base balance
  • 2x measurements of the free radicals
  • 2x assessments of the condition of the bowel, heavy metal exposure, mineral deficiency, liver strain, susceptibility to allergies and inflammation status using DLT
  • Detailed discussion of the examination results
  • Detailed written report

Time required for initial visit: ½ day (mornings)

Price: 1.750 CHF
(excluding any potential medicines and therapies)


Rohner PLUS Concept is only offered by Dr. Wolfgang Rohner in German (you are welcome to bring an interpreter with you):
Tel. 043 366 01 71
Fax 044 980 49 72

Zürichstr. 25a / Im Regenbogen 1
8124 Maur ZH