What is the Rohner Concept?

The Rohner Concept was established about 20 years ago by the Swiss physician Dr. Wolfgang Rohner and has been developed steadily ever since. It is a nutrition concept, not a diet. Medical analyses are used to clarify what metabolic type you belong to, and then appropriate foods are recommended which will help you break down fat deposits in your body and avoid building new ones.

The concept allows for targeted weight loss in the right places – without going hungry, without counting calories, without practicing sports and without supplements.

Is the Rohner Concept successful?

Over the last 20 years the Rohner Concept has proven successful for more than 30’000 patients. A broad-based customer survey has shown that around 50% of patients – both men and women – were able to maintain their achieved ideal weight (+/-3kg) even several years later. Only 5% had suffered the dreaded yoyo effect.

How does the Rohner Concept work?

On the basis of medical analyses we find out:

  • how well you make use of individual foodstuffs,
  • how great your capacity is for building up hidden reserves,
  • how well you can mobilize these built-up reserves.

Thanks to this medical data, it is possible to assign you to a specific metabolic type. The classification of foods into risk categories specific to your metabolism is the result of comprehensive food chemistry analyses and experience gathered over many years.

For whom is the Rohner Concept suitable?

The Rohner Concept is suitable both for overweight individuals as well as for customers seeking to achieve an ideal figure.

  • Most overweight persons have a “diet career” behind them. Here it is a question of breaking through the well-known yoyo effect.
  • Normal-weight customers generally have the following goals:
  • correct problems related to their figures (“saddlebag thighs”, “beer belly”);
  • achieve an optimal figure without having to struggle for it.
  • avoid potential figure problems in the case of familial predisposition.
  • model types: achieve an ideal figure with minimal effort and without starving themselves

What are the advantages of the Rohner Concept?

The advantages of the Rohner Concept include: no feeling of hunger, no calorie counting, weight loss in the right places, no mood swings, more energy and a better “felt body sense”. In a customer survey, patients repeatedly indicated that they hardly suffered any more from insomnia, heartburn, flatulence, pain in the joints or migraines.

Are there drawbacks?

Going without certain foods is not easy for anyone. For most patients however the changeover is completed after about four weeks.

What does the Rohner Concept cost?

The program costs 1.290 CHF which includes:

  • Three or four consultations over a period of about six months with one of the Rohner Concept partner doctors
  • All blood tests
  • A year’s subscription to the Members area on the Rohner Concept website (new recipes, a nutrition lexicon, personal online consulting service etc.)

How do I register?

On the homepage ( you will find the Rohner Concept partner doctor in your area. We would also be happy to accept your registration by telephone, fax or e-mail:

Rohner-Konzept – Zürichstr. 25a / Im Regenbogen 1 – 8124 Maur
Telephone 0041 43 366 01 71 - Fax 0041 44 980 49 72