How the Rohner Concept works

The history of humanity is a history of scarcity. Times of abundance (summer/autumn) had to be used to build up reserves to live off of in times of want (winter).

People who were able to whet their appetite with food and thus stimulate the building of reserves had a distinct survival advantage.

By conducting a glucose tolerance test (you are given a drink whose metabolic content roughly corresponds to a breakfast of 3-4 wholemeal rolls, and the metabolism in the blood is measured every hour), we are able to assess your metabolic type.

Of particular intest to us is what your body does with the bread rolls.

If the “liquid bread rolls” stimulate the building of reserves, we know that you are an excellent reserve builder, like the marmot in summer.

When the metabolism switch is set to accumulating reserves, you place everything in the reserves. Think about how the marmot functions. When it is in “summertime mode”, it doesn’t differentiate any more between adding one bit of foliage to the reserves or using another one directly.

So we analyze how well you are able to build up reserves like a “marmot”.

Since there is nothing we can do to change this predisposition, people with weight problems have to avoid eating foods which contribute to the building of reserves and eat only those which are used to cover ongoing needs and which stimulate the burning of desposited fat reserves in the body.

Based on the test results, different kinds of foods can be classified according to their biochemical structure into separate risk categories for the individual.

Just how much the various metabolic parameters (cholesterol, uric acid) are improved by the nutrition we are promoting is evident from the relevant statistics in this area.