What the treatment entails


Please keep in mind that the scheduled tests can only be conducted if you arrive at the doctor’s office at the pre-arranged time without having had breakfast. Black coffee or tea with a sweetener as well as mineral water are permitted both prior to and during the test.

The treating physician will begin by asking about your eating habits, and then your weight and body mass will be determined.

Afterwards you will be given a glucose solution to drink. A blood sample will then be drawn every hour to enable analysis of your carbohydrate metabolism. During the periods between these hourly withdrawals you are free to leave the doctor’s office, but you must refrain totally from eating and can only drink the above-mentioned beverages.

When all of the test results become available, our partner doctor will then discuss with you during a second consultation the appropriate nutrition concept corresponding to your metabolism. Depending on the laboratory equipment available to our partner, this consultation can take place on the same morning or several days after.

Excess weight is an individual matter. It can not be deduced solely on the basis of body size. Additional factors such as physical build, predisposition and age must be taken into account.

You should start from the assumption that the concept which I apply is not a diet (i.e a temporary nutritional treatment) to be followed for a certain period of time, but rather that we wish to help you identify which kinds of foods pose a risk for your weight and figure and which other ones you can eat to your heart’s content without putting on weight. The aim of the explanation and the treatment is to determine a kind of lifestyle in which excess weight and problems related to your figure will no longer be a nightmare for you, and which will enable you to feel well in a healthy body and to live harmoniously.